Ed Morris in Henry V - Lion of England, by Nick Hennegan, from the original by William Shakespeare.

What is the Maverick Theatre Company?

Maverick is all about access.  New audiences to plays, events, publishing, drama and literature.  It was launched by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham in 1994.  We started producing plays in informal spaces - mainly pubs.  Writer and founder Nick Hennegan created Maverick's original proposition. "Forget the TV for a night.  Don't rent a film.  Come down the pub and see where it all started.  No retakes, no cameras, no going back, just live action with real people right in front of you.  Have a pint, a pie and a smoke and if you don't like it you can have your money back."

Twinned with the mission to create a new theatre-going habit with socially excluded communities in Birmingham was a desire to include and encourage new artists and technicians. Many successful theatre professionals have started their careers with the Maverick Theatre Company.  We are now working in London and Birmingham and have created the London Literary Pub Crawl -  a promenade tour of Soho in central London. And we are running our SpeakEasy Cabaret, on the first Saturday of every month! 

Please get involved.

We'd love to hear from you.  About anything, really...!

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